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IPL Hair Removal

Be hair free. It's worth it.

What is this?

This can easily be one of the most liberating things you take the time to do for yourself and it’s worth it. Think about a 3-minute shower (on a non-hairwash day, lol). You could actually be in, out and smooth before your kids even noticed you're gone. Think about never turning down a little sexy-time because you felt too prickly. Think about when everyone last-minute decides to go to the beach and you don’t have to wear shorts instead of a bathing suit Think about going camping or travelling and not worrying about stubble or packing a razor. IPL Hair Removal is Intense Pulsed Light. Similar to a laser but different in all the good ways. IPL is a broadband wavelength of light and laser is a single monochromatic beam of light. As light therapies they are equally effective. The difference is in how you get to the end. IPL takes 10 sessions about 4 weeks apart; laser takes about 6-8 sessions about 4 weeks apart. With the Venus Versa platform that we use, each session of the full body package (full legs, bikini - any style, and underarms) takes about 45 minutes. With a laser this surface area would take hours. So this means that IPL at Lift takes longer on a calendar, but many many fewer hours in total. As well, the flashes of IPL, unlike laser flashes, do not hurt. Yes, you heard that right. THIS DOESN'T HURT. And, I don’t know about you, but I’d rather spend 45 pain-free minutes 10 times than 4 painful hours 6-8 times. But, you know, that’s just me. Want more FAQs? Head to the INFO & EDUCATION tab. (sorry I can’t link it; it’s a limitation of the website).

Contact Details

  • 46199 Yale Road, Chilliwack, BC, Canada


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