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Fine lines not so fine? Crowsfeet where nobody likes crows? Acne scars? Any kind of scars? Chicken neck? Smokers lines? Just want to try it because your best friend did it last week and you can't stop staring at her skin? Microneedling with stem cell growth factors and cytokines is the way to go. If you're over 40 you might want to think about doing one of these a time or two a year even if you aren't chasing any issues. You're body isn't creating better more youthful acting cells as you age, I'll tell you that much. Microneedling creates controlled pinholes in the skin using tiny fast-moving pins to displace dermal tissue & initiate the healing cascade. When done right, this begins the slow, non-emergent response where fibroblasts (read collagen and elastin), oxygen and growth factors improve cell function within the skin. (read lift and firm) At Lift we microneedle with stem cell growth factors and cytokines. Why? Stem cell growth factors and cytokines are master communicators. When you needle them into your skin, they organize and boss all the anti-inflammatory, healing, proliferating and remodelling cellular actions into high and efficient gear. This is a far superior treatment to the standard practice of microneedling with hyaluronic acid only. (So when you're comparing prices with this service, be sure you know whether simple hyal is being used or whether stem cell growth factors are.) In the INFO & EDUCATION tab (sorry I can't link it, it's a limitation of the page) there are posts about microneedling. The pricing is listed in the PRICING tab (same, up at the topof the page - can't link it. UGH) But, in a nutshell: $275 for one session, $500 for two and $750 for three. It's easy to book online, just head to the BOOK & CONTACT (up top, you know the drill now) and when you hit the button to book, pick Kim at Lift Laser and Beauty and MICRONEEDLING SINGLE SESSION as your service.

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  • 46199 Yale Road, Chilliwack, BC, Canada


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