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Nano-Fractional Resurfacing: Venus Viva

The best of facial, scar and stretch mark resurfacing without downtime

What is this?

Getting Venus Viva treatments is like walking around with a filter on your face 24/7 except it's not a filter, it's your skin!!! The Venus Viva head has a grid of tiny little pins. Don’t worry they aren’t particularly sharp. The grid is placed onto your skin, not into your skin. Then a pulse of nano-fractional energy in the form of radio frequency is delivered to the area. Nanofractional essentially means very very tiny piece. This means that only the tissue in the precise nano-sized delivery channel is treated and the surrounding tissue is left unaffected in order to aid in the healing process. The energy translates to heat in the dermis which compels your body to begin the healing cascade. The healing cascade in a nutshell means that your cells regenerate with better, more plentiful collagen and elastin which, among other things, provide the structure and support for your skin. These new cells essentially fill in the nano channels and make your skin look like that awesome filtered selfie. Venus Viva is the treatment for you if you want to treat: textural issues, enlarged pores, superficial pigmentation, deeper pigmentation, fine to moderate wrinkles, deep wrinkles, scars, mild acne scars, deep acne scars, rosacea, or stretch marks Frankly, if you're over 40 you might want to think about doing one of these a time or two a year even if you aren't chasing any issues. You're body isn't creating better more youthful acting cells as you age, I'll tell you that much. Read this for the FAQs on Venus Viva Check this out to see which one: microneedling or Venus Viva, is for you.

Contact Details

  • 46199 Yale Road, Chilliwack, BC, Canada

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