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Non-laser Tattoo Removal

What is this?

Look, we can’t all walk around and tell everyone we have no ragrets. Lol Sometimes forever is simply too long for a tattoo. I’m not going to lie:I love hearing your stories of why you got it and why you want it gone. (sometimes ridiculously funny and sometimes really really sad. And I’m here for you either way: laughing our heads off or sitting quietly as you process.) How does it work? Undo is a 3 step system that’s fairly quick in the shop and fairly quick, in the whole scheme of things, til you’re done. (head to the info page from the menu at the top to see a post with all the questions you’re thinking about already answered). The products used are gentle on your skin, all natural and safe. They’re free from extreme acids and saline. The initial step, uses a tattoo device exactly like what put the ink in and deracination serum. The deracination serum uses ingredients like bentonite to release the ink and encourage it to the surface. Following that step we apply a lifting clay mask. Clay has been used for centuries to remove toxins from the body. This mask continues to draw up the released ink and remove it from the layers of the epidermis. Finally a healing microcurrent mask is applied. This speeds and promotes healing making the turnaround time between appointments quick, like 4 weeks instead of the typical 6-8 of laser removal How much? $175 per session (which is sort of useless to you unless you've already had some lightening either with laser or have started a package with me and need a few more sessions) $450 for three sessions (pretty much everybody is going to need 3 to start. some may be finished in three depending on a number of factors but three is a great starting point). (head up to the info tab on the menu here to find more posts with all your questions answered) (unfortunately this particular template I built on won’t let me add links here.) (ask me how much I wish I’d have known that first, lol)

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  • 46199 Yale Road, Chilliwack, BC, Canada

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