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Scar Revision and Camoflauge

What is this?

Cosmetic surgery usually gives you the result you're looking for. Often though, the scars left behind are a bit of an unwanted surprise. Sometimes the incision lines are thicker, or wider, than you thought they'd be. The stitch marks can just be too prevalent for your liking. The point of the surgery was to feel like you look better and now all you can see when you look at the result of your surgery is your scar. Unintended scars from accidents, medical surgeries or any other trauma can be an issue for any number of reasons. The good news is that you don't need to keep them just the way they are. There're techniques and products specifically designed and formulated to not only minimize the look of the scar but also to camoflauge it. A series of scar revision treatments can generally minimize the look of scars significantly. This can often be the end result you're looking for. Should you want to continue, or the state of your scar was already in a state where camoflauge is an option, you can blend your scar into the skintone of the surrounding skin with scar camoflauge. In the blog/info section of this site there are articles to help you learn more about scar revision and scar camoflauge and if it's right for you.

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