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Stretch Mark Revision and Camoflauge

What is this?

If you're reading this, you likely have stretch marks. And, you likely haven't fully adopted accepting them. And if you have them and you've accepted them, the rest of us are happy for you. This service is for those of you who have stretch marks and would prefer they were less visible and potentially even not noticeable. Stretch Mark Revision and Camoflauge is a process of that uses a cluster of pins to disperse the stiff tissue and, with stem cell serums as an enhancement, promotes your body to restructure the scar tissue by creating the opportunity for your body to recreate a cellular structure that replaces the damaged tissue with healthy new tissue that has an abundance of flexible collagen and firm elastin. This creates new texture that minimizes the look of the stretch marks. This is almost always a series of treatments, depending on the severity of the stretch marks. Once you've done a series and gotten to a place where the next option is to blend them into your skintone, stretch mark camoflauge can be done as the next step. Stretch mark camoflauge uses skin tone pigments to blend the area of the stretch mark to the undamaged area.

Contact Details

  • 9369 Mill Street, Chilliwack, BC, Canada

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