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Venus Freeze BODY: Reduce and Contour

Minimize circumfrence, cellulite and crepiness. Lift, firm & reduce.

What is this?

You eat right, you workout, you do the best you can by your health for your body. You kind of want to wear white jeans and donning Spanx daily is out of the question. I get you. Venus Freeze is body contouring, skin-firming results you won’t believe until until your tried-it-first best friend wears shorts instead of capris this summer. The 10 session series of Venus Freeze Body is known to smooth out your cellulite, firm up the belly your babies or years took liberty on, unbulk that bra buldge, smooth out the front of your thighs, help snug up your inner thighs and tell your muffin top to kiss right off. Venus Freeze uses energy that translates as heat to compell your body to create cellular structure with more collagen and elastin. Collagen and elastin are, in part, responsible for holding your skin snug. For body areas, especially when trying to achieve circumferential reduction, the Venus Freeze reaches a higher temperature range that, on top of firming, tightening and smoothing the skin, ellicits a reduction in fat density.

Contact Details

  • 46199 Yale Road, Chilliwack, BC, Canada

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