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Laser hair removal: 5 reasons why it's a YES.

first of all, even before we get into the technical sciencey reasons why you'd want to do laser hair removal let's just talk about the liberaltion! lol

it's sort of one of those things if you know, you know things. you may not think shaving is that much of an inconvenience, until you don't have to anymore.

throw on a sleeveless top when you're running late for work and don't worry about the state of your underarms? yes, please.

go away all weekend and don't have to plan your clothes around your ability to shave? yes, please.

late night wine with your girlfriends and everyone wants to hot tub... no problem!

sunday morning sexy time without thinking about stubble? yes, please.

see. it's liberation.

okay. now back to our regular programming. 5 reasons why you want laser hair removal - the techinical version.

laser hair removal in chilliwack at lift laser and beauty, using IPL technology
the cooling crystal on our automatic pulse laser hair removal handpiece

  1. long-lasting results: laser hair removal at our cute little shop in chilliwack is perfomed in packages of 10. we're totally transparent with our pricing on the pricing page. with multiple sessions we damage the hair follicles enough to minimize any potential for future growth. long lasting, or even permanent hair reduction or removal is the goal.

  2. safe: Lasers and IPL (both equally effective modes of hair removal) targets just the pigment in the hair and leaves the surrounding skin undamaged. This precision minimizes the risk of skin irritation and ingrown hairs.

  3. speed: our technology has a automatic pulse feature so we can continuously flash the light without pause. this makes for quick treatment times. each light pulse takes only a fraction of a second and can treat multiple hairs at once. our most popular package, the full body laser hair removal package, at lift laser and beauty in chilliwack, includes full legs, brazilian/bikini and underarms. one session can be completed in under 45 minutes.

  4. predictability: while there is the very rare client who is a non-responder, most clients experience significant hair reduction after their package of sessions. results can vary depending on factors such as hair color, skin tone, and the specific laser used, we have a really impressive track record of significant hair removal. and, we do maintenace sessions for those who've been through our laser hair removal packages at a rate that our clients love.

  5. less ingrown hairs: for those people who are plagued by ingrowns, the relief from those is often a much more significant benefit than not having to shave all the time.

  6. convenience: see above! lol. the liberation is real. this may not be the techinical part, but it is great.

  7. no waiting for hair growth: Unlike waxing, where you need to spend some time getting fuzzy, waiting for hair to reach a certain length before treatment, you can keep smooth through the process and shave between laser sessions.

  8. it doesn't hurt: our light mechanism at lift laser and beauty is intense pulsed light. the head has a crystal on it that cools both the light and your skin on contact. this equals a pain-free experience.

  9. versatility: Laser hair removal can be used on almost all body areas, including the face, legs, arms, underarms, bikini line, and more.

  10. improved skin texture: over time, laser hair removal treatments can lend to smoother feeling skin due to reduced hair growth. say goodbye to stubble.

it's important to note that while laser hair removal offers many benefits, it may not work equally well for everyone. Success can depend on factors like hair and skin color, hormonal imbalances, and the skill and experience of the technician performing the procedure.

lift laser and beauty is a boutique medical aesthetics space located in the heart of downtown chilliwack. we offer a variety of services for your skin's health and appearance. welcoming you, where you're at on your skin care and aging journey in an open, honest, casual space is our signature.


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