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Laser hair removal is NOT for you if....

unfortunately, not everybody is a good candidate for laser hair removal. whether it's laser or ipl the following are true for both. (if you're not sure the difference between ipl and laser hair removal we've got you covered with this post. )

laser hair removal, over a number of sessions, can get you as close to hair-free as possible. some people are 100% hair-free and some are mostly hair-free. maintenance is a thing for just about everyone, depending on their regrowth over time. most have very little regrowth and a single or couple of maintenance sessions in the spring generally have them in tip top shape for the comign summer months.

(although being hair-free all year round is pretty liberating!) (sometimes we can't help but brag about how liberating it really is)

laser hair removal at lift laser and beauty in Chilliwack
laser hair removal: are you a good candidate?

there are some clients who simply aren't good candidates for ipl or laser hair removal. let's have a look at what might knock you out of the running.

  1. hair and skin color contrast:the contrast between hair color and skin tone is the most significant determining factor of candidacy. someone with dark, coarse hair and light to medium skin tones is the ideal. this contrast allows the laser or ipl to effectively target the melanin in the hair follicle. if you have a hard time seeing your hair against your skin, the light will too.

  2. blonde or red toned hair: maybe your skin is snow white so you can still see contrast against your skin from your blonde hair. this is still a no-go. the light can't find blonde hair - regardless of your skin tone. red, ginger, copper, broze - call it whatever shade you want, and it's either a no-go or a gamble with no better odds than 50/50 for efficacy.

  3. pregnancy or breastfeeding: also a no-go mama. you'll just have to wait til you're done building your team. and, to be honest, i'd suggest waiting until you're totally done building your team. doing ipl or laser hair removal between kids could turn out to be a fairly significant waste of your money. with all the hormonal changes your body goes through there can be mild to significant regrowth.

  4. tattoos: laser hair removal must keep at least a one inch berth around tattoos (sometimes more) and absolutely cannot go over top of tattoos. you can still do the treatments, just know that the area with the tattoo will grow hair as normal.

  5. epilepsy, cancer or cancer history: epilepsy is a for sure no-go- due to the flashing light. cancer or cancer history requires that you speak to your oncologist and have specific permission.

  6. herpes, cold sores, pcos: these are cautions. if you carry either virus, you can still do laser hair removal, just know that it could instigate an outbreak. it's advisable to take a valtrex prior to your appointments. if you have pcos, you can do laser hair removal but there's risk that it could a) not work at all or b) make your hair growth more prolific.

  7. medications: any medication that causes photsensitivity is a contraindication.

  8. unrealistic expectations: it's important to understand that the best-case end result can be absolute full hair removal, but it is more likely to be a very very signifcant reduction of hair growth.

  9. impatience: thinking that you're done after a couple of sessions, not doing a full series, quitting early, is a surefire way to end up unsatisfied with your end result. laser hair removal is not a one-and-done treatment. it requires a series of sessions to target hair in various growth stages. consistency in attending sessions is crucial for achieving optimal results.

  10. excessive tanning:tanning deeply or being sunburned are a no-go. it's okay to get a little glow but tanning well outside of your fitzpatrick will affect either the ability to treat or the efficacy.

lordy, this seems like a long list but if none of these applies to you, laser hair removal could be for you. and, let me tell you: it's worthi it.

lift laser and beauty is a boutique medical aesthetics space located in the heart of downtown chilliwack. we offer a variety of services for your skin's health and appearance. welcoming you, where you're at on your skin care and aging journey in an open, honest, casual space is our signature.

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