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Microneedling IS for you if...

you're breathing, you have skin and you aren't in this group.

i'm kidding. well, sort of.

i mean if you're 24 and you have absolutely no issues with your skin, why fix what's not broken?

other than that, pretty much, microneedling IS for you.

there're a LOT of skin treatment options out there for you to choose from.

and not only are there treatment options but there's all the manufacturers of the devices and each of them will tell you why only their platform is the best.

blech. it's a lot.

don't get lost in the mire.

you probably don't need as much treatment as you think and be wary of anyone who tells you otherwise. (ack, i digress again - which i do a lot in these blogs. lol)

at lift laser and beauty the philosophy is 'slow down'. let's look at what you think your issues are and then find the first best treatment to help with those. with good luck and good treatment we can get you to your skin goals with just the right amount of treatment and no more. (this saves YOU money and time).

let's talk about whether or not microneedling is the right choice for you.

what is microneedling?

microneedling is a minimally-invasive procedure that uses fine pins to create controlled micro-injuries in your skin's surface. these micro-injuries compel your body's natural healing process to increase better-quality collagen and elastin production. as this happens the skin becomes firmer, smoother, and more refined. this reduces signs of aging and other skin imperfections.

what does this look like in real language?

microneedling results on acne scars
microneedling refines texture - even from scars.

large pores are minimized texture issues are minimized

fine lines are minimized

wrinkles are less deep

pigmentation is lessened

scarring is minimized.

i can almost always tell by the skin of a client if she's been doing microneedling as a matter of process (meaning she's done a few- not just a one and done). it's almost like there's a filter on her skin. everything is just sort of beautifully blended and smooth.

microneedling IS for you if....

  1. you're concerned about skin aging: laxity is the bane of your existence and the increased quality of the collagen and elastin that comes as a result of microneedling can minimize the look of laxity.

  2. you have acne scars (or any scars): the new cells that result from proliferation are not scar tissue, therefore the tissue that is scarred is minimized.

  3. you have uneven skin tone: microneedling blurs and minimizes skin tone issues by displacing the hyperpigmented cells and replacing the space with normally pigmented cells

  4. you have enlarged pores: the increase in tension created by the newer stronger elastin proliferation smooths out the look of large pores and gives a smoother, more refined texture.

  5. you have stretch marks: when the micro-channels created by microneedling are replaced with new tissue, those cells are not scar tissue.

  6. you're looking to take preventative action: while i have my own thoughts on starting toooo soon, i do think there is a sweet spot to begin doing things like microneedling in order to sort-of slooooow and hold right in that space for as long as possible. and, thus, delay the onset of fine lines and wrinkles.

at lift laser and beauty we're totally transparent about pricing. it's all on the pricing page. just scroll down to see the single price and package pricing.

we also use growth factors as our microneedling medium. this is an important aspect of why our treatments are so effective.

if we've got you thinking and now you've got questions, we've got a lot of answers.

lift laser and beauty is a boutique medical aesthetics space located in the heart of downtown chilliwack. we offer a variety of services for your skin's health and appearance. welcoming you, where you're at on your skin care and aging journey in an open, honest, casual space is our signature.

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