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About? This isn't about me. This is about you.

You had your babies last year or twenty years ago and are a little ticked off that your belly looks a little like a paper bag now (still). (This page will be of particular interest to you)

You do the work, you work out, you eat right and that little pooch on your belly just won’t firm up, you just can’t get that last bit of cellulite off the back of your legs. Dammit, you want to wear shorts and white jeans and feel good about it!

Your kids are all getting on with their lives and now it’s time for you to take some time for yourself. You’re pretty happy with how you’re aging overall but.. you could really go for a little refresh.

You walk past the windows at Harvest  on Mill St. and in your reflection you see the same jowls your mother has and you just aren’t ready to accept them.  THIS is the page for you…and in all honestly… the treatment I love for myself the most. (My mother gave me nasty jowls too. I will not accept that gift).

Let’s be real, shaving every day is a time suck that you just don’t have time for… and you kind of both feel sorry for your husband that you are prickly literally ALL the time and also appreciate beyond words that he seems to still find you attractive even though have a tough time with it yourself some days.

You’re a morning runner, it’s summer – hot – and you roll out of bed and into your running shorts and head out.. prickly morning thighs.. suck!

You grew up in the 80s, smoked your way through your teens, wore a jean jacket with jeans and know exactly what to do with iodine, a spray bottle and a roll of tin foil! THIS is for YOU.. you have some tales to tell and you don’t need your face giving away your stories without you.

Whoever you are, wherever you’ve been, whatever your reason… this is about you and for you.


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